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We can offer various tailor made solutions for employees individually or as group.

Loss of Licence

Loss of licence coverage is one of the most important insurance policies for your cockpit and cabin crew. It covers the financial consequences of permanent inability to fly during their employment due to illness or bodily injury. For example, the risk of an accident is still increasing due to changed recreational behaviour and more extreme sports (paragliding, mountain biking, parachuting).

In close co-operation with the personnel departments of various airlines, Albatros has developed both, company insurance programs as well as schemes for personal supplementary insurance.

Whether you are looking for a solution for yourself, your flying staff or want to have an existing concept checked for currency, please contact our experts. We advise you without obligation.

Aviation Personal Accident

The term "aviation accident insurance" generally refers to different areas:

For your personnel on the ground and in the air, worldwide insurance cover in connection with an accident can be arranged for business trips and - if desired - also in leisure time.

Seat Accident
For the passengers on board an aircraft, the seat accident insurance is available. It provides financial protection in the event of an accident involving passengers in connection with the operation of the aircraft (including boarding and disembarking).


Obligatory Passenger Accident
Obligatory passenger accident insurance is compulsory only in a few countries. Most countries (such as Germany, for example) generally only require the conclusion of passenger liability insurances.


General Group Accident
As an employer, you can purchase a group accident insurance for your employees worldwide, eg in the event of death, permanent invalidity, hospitalization, cosmetic surgery and rescue costs. According to your wishes, the insurance sums can be chosen freely within a certain framework. Insurance protection exists around the clock for suddenly and involuntarily occurring accident events during the professional activity, alternatively also in the spare time.


In particular, this protection can also be covered as an Aviation Group Accident only for Cockpit and Cabin staff. It is valid from the moment of boarding to the departure of the aircraft as well as for the stay outside the aircraft during intermediate landings.

Alternatively, the insurance market also provides Duty Travel Group Accident products for employees worldwide around the clock during business trips in the amount of the individually agreed insurance sums.

Group Health

For your employees - as expatriates in Germany, on duty travel abroad or as an addition to the social security system – Group Health insurances offer a bonus for your employees. The possibilities are diverse, please contact us.


General Group Health
It provides insurance coverage for financial consequences arising from medically meaningful treatment for illnesses or accidents. The scope of insurance services for out-patient and in-patient treatment can, of course, be determined individually.


Duty Travel Group Health
This product provides protection for the costs arising from the medically meaningful treatment of an employee on a duty travel, eg after an acute illness or accident. Some products also include service packages that provide your employees with individual support in case of illness - medical advice and organizational support.

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